Monday, 22 September 2014 Pay traffic tickets online Alberta
The Online fine payment system can be accessed through:
In Canada, although some major cases can’t be detected for a short time, someone may well discipline you soon if you park illegally or you take bus without ticket, and the high cost of violations make you have to repent and reform former faults after recalling the painful experience.

 Some tickets are unreasonable, but we have to say that the relatively good social order is none other than the binding force for people based on the high cost of violations.

 For the violation which is captured by electronic police, the fines can be paid when annual inspection. For the violation which is given a ticket by the traffic police on the scene, the fines should be paid within 15 days, if it is not paid over 15 days, 3% overdue fee would be fined each day, the highest overdue fee can’t exceed the total amount of fines. pay fines at If you have received a summon due to mobile (for example overspeed) or overtime parking, parking in the improper place (for example park), if you don’t pay the fine within the prescribed time, you would receive the court summons.

 Overdue fee will increase. So you must pay quickly after receiving a traffic ticket, otherwise the consequence is more serious. For online payment of traffic ticket, you will need: A Part 3 Violation Ticket (yellow copy, current or overdue) (note: if the ticket has expired, overdue fee will be added to the original fines amount, if you don’t pay, your car insurance, and other business will be affected.) You can use a Visa or MasterCard to pay on

Canada's "drug mayor" suffered from a rare cancer malignancy

Ford’s attending physician Cohen who is a surgeon of Toronto Mount Sinai Hospital Ford due to severe abdominal pain accepted examination last week, doctors found a 12 cm × 12 cm malignant liposarcoma in his body. This is a rare kind of cancer tumors, with strong aggressiveness; it may have been grown in his body for two to three years

According to Cohen’s statement, in all types of cancer, this malignancy prevalence rate was only 1%. However, liposarcoma compared to the other tumors, has more obvious chemotherapy effects. His was optimistic to Ford’s treatment.
“According to the plan, originally therapy was chemotherapy, which may require radiation, surgery, or may not, all of these depended on the response of patients receiving initial treatment and follow-up treatment,” Cohen said.

He said that Ford will accept the first round chemotherapy with two rounds in 48 hours, will accept further examination in the next 40 days, to assess tumor responses to treatment.